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Club Safety Rules, Code of Conduct & Insurance

MDRC Safety Policy, Code of Conduct and Disclaimer

McLaren Districts Riding Club aims to provide our Members with a safe and enjoyable environment in which to learn, train and develop their horsemanship skills.


Riding horses can be a dangerous activity and horses may act in a sudden and unpredictable way. By signing up as a member or taking part in any activity on the MDRC grounds, you acknowledges that THE ACTIVITIES OF THE “EVENT(S)” AND HORSE RIDING ARE VERY DANGEROUS and involve the risk of serious injury and/or death and/or property damage.

The Committee would like to advise our members of the Club Safety Policy that is in place to help ensure the safety and well being of members and their horses and to request that all members and visitors abide by this policy at all times.


  • McLaren Districts Riding Club holds a current public liability insurance policy.  

  • PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT personal injury insurance. It is up to individual members to seek professional advice to decide what is appropriate in their circumstances. One source of information members might find useful is Equestrian SA 



  • Members to sign in at clubrooms on arrival

  • Members and riders to have acknowledged the Club Safety Policy

  • Riders to present for Gear Check 15 minute before riding

  • Riders to observe Arena Rules

  • Horses are to be properly treated/cared for – any neglect, ill treatment or bad behaviour towards a horse will result in the offending person being counselled by the Committee

  • Riders must wear an approved hard hat at all times while riding

  • The club’s risk management policy also requires riders to wear an EA-recognised body protector for any jumping activities, including cross country and poles on the ground. The EA recognise a body protector manufactured after 2009 and labelled as complying to one of the following standards:

    • EN13158:2009 Level 3

    • BETA 2009 Level 3

    • EN131558:2018 Level 3

    • BETA 2018 Level 3

Note: Members/riders or their guardians are responsible for ensuring that any body protectors and helmets worn on club grounds or at club activities are approved, in good condition and fit for purpose.

  • Riders must wear a suitable body protector for cross country events. It is also recommended riders wear one for showjumping.

  • Abusive or generally disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated, offenders will be asked to leave the grounds immediately.

  • We strive for relaxed, enjoyable and friendly rallies and competitions - any rider or visitor that the committee feels is contravening these values may be asked to leave

  • DUE TO INSURANCE PURPOSES - Any rider that use the grounds outside of club events/rallies must be paid up members of the club. No friends or family can use the grounds unless they are a paid up member. Please do not share the gate code with anyone - otherwise we will be forced to stop the use of the grounds mid-week as we will are not covered by insurance for any accidents by non-members.



  • Entry gates must be closed at all times when horses are present

  • Dogs are not allowed within the grounds when horses are present and must be on a leash in other areas

  • No smoking within 20 metres of the Clubroom



  • Horses to walk only, in the vicinity of horse yards and entry gates

  • Movement across the grounds is no faster than a controlled trot

  • No horse access within a bunted area

  • A float must be attached to a towing vehicle if a horse is tied to the float

  • Only one horse at a time permitted in the round yard

  • No lunging in the arena

  • Cross country jumps are not to be jumped on ‘non-jumping’ Rally Days

  • Alcohol is not to be consumed by riders or officials on Rally Days

  • Riders must adhere to Club dress code

  • All persons on the Club grounds are advised to wear closed toe shoes while in the vicinity of horses

  • Spectators should be aware of horse movement at all times and take due care when in the Clubgrounds. Spectators to give way to horses at all times

  • Small children should be in the care of a responsible adult at all times

  • Horses known to kick must wear a red tail ribbon

  • Outside of Open events, only financial members are permitted to ride on the grounds

  • Where the official BOM forecast temperature is 34 degrees or higher for Noarlunga on the preceding Friday, the rally will automatically be cancelled. Members will be advised via email and Facebook of any re-scheduling for that event. The heat policy for Twilight Rallies will be implemented only at the discretion of the Committee. If the grounds are too wet, members will be advised via email and Facebook of any re-scheduling for that event.


Photo Disclosure

  • By attending any rally or competition, you automatically give approval for your photo and results to be published on this website and the MDRC Facebook page.

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