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Without our wonderful sponsors, the club would have difficulty presenting a lot of the activities we do. Please visit, support and shop with them whenever you can, and tell them how much you appreciate their support.

If you'd like to become a McLaren Districts Riding Club sponsor, we'd love to have you!


Please click here to read more about the fantastic sponsorship packages we're offering, and the benefits your sponsorship will bring to members of our club and local community.

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Rider on horse at the beach

Would you like to improve your riding ability through exercise?

McLaren Districts Riding Club has collaborated with Amalia Dempsey Horsemanship to fundraise money for our club through the physiotherapist-designed 8 Week Rider Specific Exercise Program! This online program is designed to help you:

  • Become a more confident rider

  • Feel more balanced in the saddle

  • Understand your body and how it moves

  • Address your weaknesses, and asymmetries

  • Move in harmony with your horse

  • Look more organised & elegant when riding

  • Become more physically fit, strong, and healthy

  • Improve mental health & wellbeing

  • Understand which exercises are good for riders

  • Improve your coordination and body awareness for riding

  • Achieve that effortless looking riding position

  • Improve your effectiveness and application of riding aids

  • Have fun!

For everyone who signs up for the 8 Week Rider Specific Exercise Program using our unique link, 30% of the program price will go directly to the club! So you can get fit for riding and support our club at the same time!

Click here to find out more about the program and sign up.

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